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The journal "Geography and Natural Resources"

The journal was founded in January 1980.

It publishes information on research results in the field of geographical studies of nature, the economy, and the population. It provides ample coverage of the geographical aspects relating to solving major economic problems, with special emphasis on regional nature management and environmental protection, geographical forecasting, integral regional research developments, a modeling of natural processes, and on the advancement of mapping techniques. The journal publishes contributions on monitoring studies, geographical research abroad, as well as discussions on the theory of science.

The journal is published by the Academic Publishing House "Geo".

Periodicity: 4 issues per year.

Price of 1 issue in 2006 - 700 rubles.

Index according to the "Rospechat" catalogue 70230.

Editor-in-Chief: Corresponding Member of RAS A.N. Antipov

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