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Guide for Authors

All submissions must be sent to the Editorial Board (664033, Irkutsk, Ulan-Batorskaya St., 1, V.B. Sochava Institute of Geography SB RAS). For any further information please contact the Managing Secretary Olga Innokentievna Bazhenova by tel. +7(3952)42-64-22.

Information regarding acceptance or rejection of your paper can be obtained from the Head of the Editorial Office Zoya Dmitriyevna Roskina, tel. +7(383)223-55-21, e-mail: (630099, Novosibirsk, Sovietskaya St., 18, room 337).

All post-publication and subscription information can be obtained from the Academic Publishing House "Geo" (630090, Novosibirsk, Koptyug Avenue, 3) by Alena Arkadievna Belyakova,

Tel.+7(383)330-15-39, e-mail:, fax: +7(383)330-79-08.

Manuscript preparation guidelines

The journal publishes scientific papers in the field of geography only. Contributions submitted to the journal must cover substantial, completed and not yet previously published results of theoretical and applied geographical research into nature, the economy, and the population, as well as in the field of rational nature management, environmental protection, and geographical forecasting. It publishes papers devoted to geographical research techniques, a modeling of natural processes, monitoring of the environment, landscape planning, and mapping. The journal welcomes reviews of the latest geographical books and maps, as well as survey materials, and news items on recently held scientific conferences and meetings. The Editorial Board reserves the right to select the best papers that advance out of those submitted.

The Editorial Board would like to ask the prospective authors to adhere to the rules outlined below when preparing their papers.

1. The size of a paper should not exceed 15 pages of text, including the list of references, tables, and illustrations (no more than three). A manuscript must be typed with 1.5 spacing between the lines, font size 14 pt, with numbered pages. The first page must indicate UDC, the author's initials and last name, and the paper title. At the end of a manuscript the author must clearly indicate the name of his/her institution, his\her full name, scientific degree and rank, as well as his\her home address (with postal code), telephone, and, certainly, the e-mail address.

2. No abbreviations (except for generally accepted ones) are permitted. Tables must be provided with titles and sequentially numbered throughout the paper. Their content must not duplicate the text in the main body. The title of a table must reflect all its main content. Tables are to be typed on a separate sheet. All abbreviations used in tables (except for generally accepted ones) must be explained in the note(s).

3. All illustrative matter (plots, schematics, photographs, and maps) is referred to as figures, must be sequentially numbered and be submitted in black-and-white format. Figure captions must be typed on a separate sheet, indicating the author's last name, and the paper title. Figures and figure captions must be submitted in duplicate. The author's last name, the paper title, and the figure number are to be indicated on the reverse side of each figure. Photographs (3 copies) must be clear, without defects. The quality of illustrations reproduced in the journal depends on the quality of the originals submitted by the authors.

4. All references cited in the text should be given in the reference list (and vice versa) on sheets separate from the text, in the order they are first mentioned in the text (in the text the references must be assigned a consecutive number in square brackets).

5. A paper submitted by the author must be accompanied by a cover letter from the organization where the work was done, as well as by two copies of a concise abstract in the Russian and English languages (5-10 lines in size).

A diskette with the paper file must be attached to each manuscript; each figure must have its own file.

Manuscripts prepared against the above rules will be returned to their authors without a further consideration.

In the event that a paper is returned to its author for revision, the "received" date is considered to be the date of receipt by the Editorial Board of the final version.

The Editorial Board's request to revise or rewrite a paper does not mean that it is accepted: the revised version will be considered anew by the Editorial board. The Editorial Board may make the necessary corrections, additions or abridgements.

The edited version is submitted to the authors for signature. The manuscript should be returned to the Editorial Board within three days. Contributions approved for printing will not be returned to their authors.

Information for authors

Papers submitted to the journal "Geography and Natural Resources" for publication are subject to unification and editing in accordance with current norms and standards. Any spelling errors will be corrected without considering any references to whatever systematics, lists, authoritative names or author's wishes, but in keeping with the modern rules of the Russian language (except for citations, historical documents, and other similar texts).

The Editorial Board

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